Each unique project requires a unique strategy. Before we commence working with you on any type of project be it web, marketing, brand ing, print, big or small the most important first step is to formulate an effective strategy.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning

We know that “one size fits all” never works in digital marketing industry so we believe that every business should have a specific strategy plan. To make each strategy profitable for your business, it’s important that your search engine optimisation, online advertising and social media efforts all fit into the one strategy.

We can help you harness social media to become a leader in your industry, engage with your audience, promote your content and grow your market share.

Strategic Planning
Market Research

A company cannot grow sustainably without an understanding of critical consumer trends and marketplace shifts. Our market research solutions will help you capitalise on opportunities, successfully expand into new markets and launch successful products. You don’t need to be an expert – you only need results!

Saigon Logic not only helps you attain sustainable profits and formulate strategies for long-term growth but also helps to identify and solidify your market position to successfully market your products, services and offerings to existing and potential customers.

Strategic Planning
Corporate Positioning

It is important that we first identify where your business is positioned in the marketplace and where you would like to be positioned. How does your business compare to your competitors and how can we improve shortfalls? We will identify key areas to focus and improve on.

Saigon Logic will determine the differentiators you represent in the marketplace and identify opportunities to strengthen your brand awareness.

Strategic Planning
Value Proposition

Identifying what makes your business and the services or products you offer unique and better qualified than the competition represents your “value proposition”. Value proposition is the most important factor clients will assess when considering the suitability of partnering with your organization.

Through case studies, client testimonials, a distinctive online presence and high quality traditional print materials it is possible to present irrefutable evidence that you can get the job done. This helps to demonstrates your successful track record and will build the value proposition of your business.

Strategic Planning
Message Development

Your brand is the first thing a new customer will see when they connect with you. A cohesive, concise message makes a deep impression and helps to leave an indelible mark and set you apart from your competitors.

Saigon Logic will assist you with all aspects of message development so that you can tell the story of your business in the way that you intend it to be heard and ensure that your voice is heard above that of your competitors.

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